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Big 5 Sporting Goods Oceanside

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There were tents outside due to a "big sale, " but honestly, I wasn't impressed with the merchandise they had inside or outside of the store. Lots of outdated stuff at the latest MSRP. I felt like much of what was featured could have been bought off Craigslist for cheaper, or that newer, better versions of items could have purchased elsewhere for the same price or less.

I'd recommend this place if you want/need stuff to beat up on, but don't care whether or not you look good in it. I don't mean to bag on Big 5, but it's just not as visually appealing as Sports Chalet or Sports Authority; they also don't offer stuff that I think would be key to the area (surfboards).

I'd give them a 2 based on the store alone, but their customer service was decent. I didn't get any flack from the sales reps wandering around, and any questions I popped on them were answered nicely. Unfortunately, they just have cruddy merchandise, which really isn't the fault of the sales people or management - they're just selling the goods given to them.

Still, I can't recommend a place that I wouldn't want to shop at. I guess I would visit here as a last resort if none of my other usual spots didn't have it, or if I couldn't find it off CL. Whatever item I'd get from them in the future would have to be a real steal or exclusive to Big 5.

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